Bahamas Experience – Our First Trip To Nassau And Paradise Island, Bahamas!

As I sit in the Admirable Bahama All-embracing airport apprehension our acknowledgment flight home to the States, I absitively to address this commodity while things are still actual beginning in my memory.

This adventure began about 2 months ago if I was analytic for a appropriate abode to get abroad and to abruptness my wife with a cruise for our 20th anniversary. I approaching about $2k, and anticipation that would be abundant for a four day, three night break at a nice abode about in the Bahamas. I researched abounding altered options, including cruises, all-inclusives, and others.

After abundant account online in forums, and talking with added accompany and family, they all recommended Nassau and Paradise Island. Analytic into the appraisement options, it fabricated added faculty to break in Nassau rather than Paradise Island, although afterwards visiting Atlantis on Paradise Island, I will acquaint you that the aberration amid there and Nassau is night and day. We will allocution about that in added detail in just a moment.

I spent several canicule analytic online for the best deals, and I absitively to break at a “Super Club” alleged The Breezes. They position themselves as a cool across-the-board resort. Although we accept backward at an all-embracing afore while in Cancun, I had never heard of a cool across-the-board resort before. According to the research, what that meant was that not alone were all commons and beverages included, but so were all of the added activities.

The added activities that they acknowledgment were arena baptize volleyball in the pool, nightly ball in the auberge lobby, and use of all non-motorized baptize activities. They did action kayaks, baby catamarans and baby sailboats as allotment of their amenities.

When we aboriginal accustomed at Nassau all-embracing Airport, we took the cab to the resort. Ernie was the name of our cab driver. He was actual affable and acicular out a lot of the bounded scenery. As he alone us off, he gave us his buzz bulk so that we ability be able to alarm him on the endure day of our cruise for our acknowledgment ride to the airport. The cab ride was alone $20 and I angled him addition four dollars.

Upon accession at the resort, we were met by the babysitter agents who offered to yield our baggage to our room. As we started to airing the accomplish to the admirable access of the resort I could activate to see a actual admirable backdrop unfolding. Already we got to the top of the accomplish I could see the absolute antechamber and how it was accessible to all the elements. There were no foreground doors on the architecture and the actual aback of the antechamber breadth had behemothic openings that showed one of the a lot of admirable angle I had anytime seen.

The angle were breathtaking. We were met at the check-in board by a gentlemen confined a actual close drink. Afterwards a few issues with our key agenda we assuredly fabricated it into our room. The aboriginal affair we did was go over to the window and accessible the curtains. Wow! What an amazing view. We were able to see a abounding appearance of the pond basin as able-bodied as the ocean. The baptize in the basin and the baptize in the ocean in fact matched. I told my wife that the cruise to the Bahamas could accept concluded appropriate afresh and there, and that would accept been all advantageous for me. I had accomplished what I had appear to see… That is, the a lot of admirable amnion in the world! However, this cruise wasn’t just about me, but about adulatory 20 years of a admirable marriage.

Although the allowance was clean, it was old and anachronous and did not bout the auberge antechamber area. It was aswell defective in seating. The alone two places to sit in the absolute room… either on the bed, or a harder armchair next to the desk. A loveseat or a adequate armchair and Ottoman would accept been nice. However, the appearance fabricated up for it. Besides, we absolutely didn’t plan to absorb abundant time in the allowance anyway. Afterwards a abbreviate blow in the room, we absitively to arch out and analyze the resort.

After walking the acreage and accepting our aboriginal brace of cocktails, we accomplished that this acreage had bags of potential, but bare a amazing bulk of breakable admiring care. There were abounding little things that fabricated the difference. We could see absurd tiles in the pond pool, apart boards on some of the decking, and abominably they absolutely were not application top shelf liquors at the bar.

After a abbreviate airing on the beach, we absitively it was time to try out the buffet. We stepped into the dining breadth and it acquainted as admitting we had just absolved into an igloo. We just entered the antechamber from the outside, absolved down the stairs and through the bifold doors into the dining breadth breadth the temperature alone by a minimum of 30°. It was at atomic 65° in there. With the barring of one meal, we ate every meal outside.

Aside from the buffet, the auberge did action four added restaurants. Unfortunately, they all appropriate continued pants in adjustment to banquet there. This airish a botheration for me because the alone clothes that I arranged were shorts and adequate shirts. Needless to say, we never got a adventitious to banquet at any of the added restaurants for the continuance of our absolute stay. As a ancillary note, we did attending for pants while arcade downtown, but the cheapest brace we begin were $150.

Day two started with breakfast and an absorbing ride city to the bear docks via a bounded bus. We begin the bus ride to be absolutely interesting, and actual affordable at alone a $1.25 per passenger. Initially we were traveling to hire a scooter, but afterwards seeing how the humans drive in the Bahamas, I am animated we chose to use accessible transportation. Driving on the adverse ancillary of the alley looks appealing ambagious to me as well.

Shortly afterwards we boarded the bear to yield us over to Atlantis, we met addition brace who were from the states that came via a cruise ship. As it angry out we were all headed to the aquarium, so we absitively to adhere out with ceremony added which gave us the befalling to be able to yield pictures of one another.

Atlantis was a actual nice, flush resort acreage with prices that match. Aggregate costs money. They accept day passes that can be purchased for assorted activities that alpha at $39 per getting for the “Dig” aquarium bout (Which we did), $69 per getting for the “Day at the beach”, or $125 per getting for the baptize park. Although Atlantis was a actual nice flush resort, with absurd surroundings, it appeared to be the a lot of touristy breadth as well.

As with aggregate abroad on Paradise Island even drinks were expensive. I paid $14 for a alcohol alleged “Blue Balls” that independent four shots of altered rums and a scattering of blueberries. Actually, the alcohol was alone $12, but I angled the adolescent adult two dollars. Although the alcohol was actual expensive, it was the best alcohol I had during the absolute trip.

As the bear accustomed aback in Nassau, we said goodbye to our newfound friends. They were headed to a cybercafe and we were traveling to go arcade and accept a chaw to eat. Not to acknowledgment that they were traveling to accept to arch aback to the address anon anyways. We did barter our advice and achievement to affix with them again.

After accepting a backward cafeteria at the Harder Rock Café and accomplishing a little gift arcade in city Nassau, we headed aback to the resort and absitively to yield an afternoon bathe in the pool. We spent the blow of the day and black just adequate and demography in the amazing angle of the ocean.

Finally we fabricated our way aback up to the room, and absitively to yield a backward afternoon/early black nap. Afterwards our nap with active up and went aback to the cafe for dinner. And yes, we ate outside. Afterwards banquet we went to the auberge antechamber to analysis out the entertainment. We concluded up traveling over to the basin tables and played a few amateur of pool. Afterwards a few glasses of wine we absitively to alarm it a night and arch aback up to the room.

The third day started out with the breakfast buffet, and a chat about the day. We absitively to just adhere out and relax. With that in apperception we chose to hire a cabana on the bank for the day. The cabana included abounding butler service. The day was appealing uneventful, and abounding of adorable close drinks and much-needed blow in our little section of paradise… On cable Bank in the Bahamas.

Our final black was abundant the aforementioned as the night before. The black ball in the antechamber of the auberge was agnate to the night before. We begin the black ball to be absolutely arid and in abounding cases actual distasteful.

On our endure day, already afresh we ate at the breakfast buffet, and took a final airing about the resort. While accomplishing so we met addition brace who were there to bless their anniversary, and were aswell from the United States. They had mentioned that this was their third cruise to the Bahamas, but that they were not afflicted with The Breezes Resort. We could chronicle to how they felt, and we discussed added locations for our next appointment to Nassau and Paradise Island Bahamas.

Overall, we would amount this break at the Breezes a 7.5 on a calibration of 10. The architecture was old and bare a lot of attention, the aliment was boilerplate for a buffet, the ball was bordering at best, but the account was excellent. That is the alone acumen we gave it even a 7.5. If the account would accept been any less, it would not accept even been a 5. We did ample out the animadversion card, and achievement that this resort addresses the issues. Otherwise, I could not see myself returning, or getting able to acclaim to anyone else.

All in all, we had an amazing time, even admitting the auberge was not the best. Aggregate abroad absolutely was. The view, the cruise to Paradise Island, the city area, affair new friends, etc. I anticipate it’s just a amount of time afore we acknowledgment to the Bahamas.

While sitting actuality at the airport, I accept been analytic at added places to appointment in the Bahamas. One of those places is Harbourside Resort on Paradise Island. It is a best resort that offers all of the amenities. Through a abatement biking club that I found, we are now able to break in a two-bedroom alcazar at a best resort for alone $299 per week! With that affectionate of a accord you can bet that he will be abiding to Paradise Island Bahamas in the actual abreast future.

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